Tigers eye is a beautiful glowing yellow, orange, and brown stone with a fascinating history of usage. Ancient Roman warriors used this powerful stone to protect them and give them power as they fought in battles. In other ancient civilizations, it became associated with the power of defending people against the Evil Eye. It has also been used as a talisman to bring good luck and fortune to those who treasure it. The reputation of this stone as a powerful protective force has persisted, and it is still a much-loved stone, especially for those who seek to work with the Solar Plexus Chakra for developing personal power and a sense of self.

What is the Solar Plexus Chakra?

Located in the abdomen, just above the naval, the Solar Plexus chakra is associated with our sense of who we are. This is the place where our inner, personal power resides. It is the wellspring of everything that makes you who you are. Your unique personality, the things that make you different from the other people around you, begin in this energy center. However, it is also here that you find the confidence to be the person you were meant to be and to express yourself freely. When the Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked, it becomes more difficult to feel that sense of self. The confidence you have in who you are and what you stand for can be severely diminished. This leads to feelings of powerlessness. People with poor energy flow through this important chakra often feel like they are lost, and that they cannot see a way forward, or that they are fearful of trying to find a way forward. In order to reclaim your power and move forward, it is important to restore the energy flow to the Solar Plexus Chakra. Tigers eye is one of the ways that you can help to restore the flow and feel protected and powerful.

Solar Plexus Chakra in bright orange

What is Tigers Eye?

Two Tigers eye gemstones one polished one unpolished

Tigers eye gets its name from its beautiful glowing colors that resemble the eye of a cat. Colors range from an amber yellow right through orange tones to a golden brown, with delicate banding that gives it a wonderful depth of texture. They are a form of chatoyant gemstone and come from the quartz family of stones. They are most commonly found in South Africa, Australia, Brazil, India, the United States. Tigers eye is a particularly attractive stone, and each piece varies depending on the different minerals within it and its place of origin. For more information about the tigers eye stone, you can check out minerals.net here.

Why Use Tigers Eye for the Solar Plexus?

The Solar Plexus is deeply associated with the color yellow and specifically to yellow stones. This stone is deeply associated with power and protection, just as the Solar Plexus is. It is only natural then that people have been using the tigers eye stone as part of their energetic practices. Using stones is a powerful way to both activate the energy centers and to give the mind a focus of intention, which is great for meditative practices. Using this stone can help clear and cleanse the Solar Plexus Chakra, restoring personal power and helping along the journey of self-realization. For those who are seeking to accept their true nature and work towards being the best they can be, it is important to work with the Solar Plexus to increase confidence and leave behind self-doubt, insecurity, and fear. A balanced Solar Plexus that promotes healthy energy flow through the other chakras can have a profound impact on so many aspects of your life. Tigers eye supports this and serves as a reminder of that personal power that we each have within us, motivating and moving us to action.

How to Use Tigers Eye

Tigers eye stone between thumb and finger

Stones can be used in energy work in a number of different ways. When choosing a stone, try to find ethically sourced pieces. If you have the opportunity, try to select a stone in person so that you can choose one that you are drawn to. Cleanse stones under running water or using smudging to promote good energy flow. The essential thing when working with stones is to introduce the stones into your daily life so that they become part of your everyday experience. You might choose to do this by wearing tigers eye in jewelry. A pendant is a good way to keep a stone close, and when working with the Solar Plexus Chakra, a long pendant that allows the stone to sit near the chakra is even better. Alternatively, you can simply carry the stone in your pocket or handle it throughout the day. You might also want to place the stones around your workspace or living area.

Tigers Eye in Meditation

You can use tigers eye as a focus for meditation practice. During meditative practice, or when working directly with the energy centers, the stone can be held in the hands or placed on the body. Try to use mantras that reinforce the associations of the stone, such as I am powerful, I am exactly the person I need to be, I can reclaim my power. When you see or feel the stone, whether it be during meditation or during everyday life, try to let it bring your focus to your power, let it remind you that you are in control. While you may not be able to control every eventuality, you can always control how you react to situations. This is where your power lies. Allow the stone to draw you back to your Solar Plexus Chakra and reaffirm your commitment to yourself and your personal power.