The third eye chakra, or Ajna, is the sixth chakra in the human body and is found in the forehead, between the eyes. This chakra is located beside the physical eyes and called the third eye because it is so closely associated with how you view the world and your foresight and powers of imagination. Sometimes when someone pictures something or has a mental image of something in their mind, they will say, “I can see it in my mind’s eye.” The mind’s eye ‘sees’ things that our physical eyes cannot necessarily see, a little like this chakra.

What Does the Third Eye Chakra Do?

The Third Eye chakra has several important functions:

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Mental Agility – The location of this chakra, between the eyes and in front of the brain, this is an important energy center for all things related to the brain. This means it has a direct and profound effect on mental agility. When the third eye is open, and the energy is flowing, it is easier to understand complex things. It is also easier to make a decision. In fact, one of the key signs that there is a problem with how the third eye is functioning is when a person experiences chronic indecisiveness. Often people with a blockage in this area find it difficult or traumatic to make choices. This might mean difficulty making life choices that we would all deliberate over or even simple everyday decisions about what to do.

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Self Awareness – This energy center helps you understand and know yourself. We often view ourselves through a prism made up of what other people think of us, what we feel we ‘should’ be like or what is ‘normal’ or ‘good’ according to others. We experience social conditioning from a young age, and we carry trauma and baggage from past experiences. The Third Eye is invaluable in seeing beyond all of this and seeking the truth about who we are and what we want. This is key to self-worth and confidence, and ultimately to letting go of negative thought patterns and loving ourselves for who we are.

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Wisdom/Insight/Understanding – The Third Eye sees through the superficial and into the deeper levels of meaning in everyday life. We are bombarded all the time with ideas, messages, marketing, and media. It is natural that we crave to have true understanding. When functioning well, this chakra can help strip away the outer layers so that we can perceive and recognize the truth more easily. This is also true of relationships with other people. The Third Eye can help us see beyond the surface, enabling us to judge less and be more empathetic to our fellow beings.

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Intuition – The Third Eye is the chakra most associated with intuition. It is here that the ‘sixth sense’ is said to reside. Having the ability to sense and feel what is true and what is right for you is a very precious gift. When this chakra is blocked, people often stop trusting their intuition. They might feel unsure of their instincts, experience anxiety, or find themselves being more easily led by others. When energy flows through this energy center in a healthy, unimpeded way, the intuition is sharper, and we feel more able to trust it.

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Spirituality – This chakra is deeply spiritual. It is this part of each of us that enables us to feel connected to and part of the wider spiritual world. The Third Eye Chakra is often considered to be like a portal or gateway to our inner, spiritual selves. Some people attribute religious experiences such as visions and prophecy to the Third Eye Chakra as well. Being open-minded and open to spiritual experiences is part of the Third Eye when it is blocked, people tend to be more closed-minded. This makes sense if you consider that the Third Eye is supposed to function as a connection point between the physical and spiritual realms. We all have a spiritual side and a physical side, but there is a loss of connection when the Third Eye is blocked. This can often be felt very keenly within a person, even if it is often difficult to find the correct words to describe it.

The Third Eye Chakra and the Physical Body

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There are physical symptoms associated with all chakras. A blocked Third Eye chakra, or one that is not functioning as it should, can cause problems with the head and face. Typical issues that may arise include headaches, migraines, eye problems, sinus issues, and sleep disturbances such as insomnia or waking during the night. A blockage at this level may also impact immunity, so sufferers may find that they get frequent infections or simply feel ‘drained’ or run down a lot. Many practitioners also note a link between the Third Eye chakra and back and leg pain, such as that which occurs with sciatica.

Medical science proves a strong link between emotional health and physical health. We are all aware that tension, anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional disturbances can be the root cause of headaches, sleep problems, and even back pain. For thousands of years, practitioners from many different traditions have understood the link between the Third Eye area and these types of problems.

Working with the Third Eye Chakra

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When this chakra is working well, and energy is flowing through this energy center without encountering obstacles or blockages, people feel more confident. They have a better understanding of their true selves, the nature of the world, and the oneness of the universe. However, work may need to be done to clear blockages if a person feels unsettled in their understanding of the world or that they are failing to grasp the ‘point’ of life. Not having a sense of purpose, not feeling fulfilled, and feeling powerless to make effective changes are all signs of disfunction. This chakra can easily become blocked. It is sensitive to life changes; so, trauma, significant life events, and periods of transition can greatly impact it. These are times when we naturally feel challenged and find ourselves questioning our identity and the purpose of our lives.

Healing the Third Eye Chakra
Purple fluorite from Elmwood mine, Tennessee.

Healing the Third Eye Chakra is not as complicated as you might think. Jewelry can be used for healing, stones such as purple fluorite, amethyst, or black obsidian. Meditation or yoga may also be beneficial. You can try the eagle pose or the child pose. Affirmations are also a great way to help clear this energy center. You can say something as simple as “I am on my true path.” Even the foods you eat can help. Some of the best examples are purple cabbage, blueberries, red grapes, or eggplant. It is not just purple foods that work though, dark chocolate or foods rich in Omega 3 also help.

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