Humans have been using crystals for healing since time immemorial. The practice of using gemstones is believed to go back to the time of the ancient civilizations of the Egyptians and the Sumerians in Mesopotamia. Ancient peoples are believed to have used these precious stones for various purposes. The fact that archaeologists have found crystals in important burial places leads many to believe that these stones were thought to have power beyond the allure of adornment to these cultures. There are several theories as to why crystals have been used for healing purposes in many different cultures and traditions through many different time periods. While many people discount the idea that crystals have real power to heal, others have had extremely positive experiences while using crystal healing techniques.

Why Use Crystals for Healing?

Every crystal has a unique vibration and frequency, which is determined by the molecular arrangement of the crystal. These vibrations are believed by many people to have a positive effect on the human body. The way a crystal vibrates is believed to enhance the personal vibration of the individual person. In this practice, a crystal can amplify the positive vibrations and absorb the negative, which is the root of the healing process and the science behind crystal healing.

The Power of Nature

Another reason often cited as the science of crystal healing is the power of nature. A crystal can be seen as an incredibly condensed form. Crystals are produced by nature. They are ancient and have been produced as a result of some of the most powerful and intense forces on earth. The minerals that make up the earths crust itself, the tectonic plates movement of the earth, and the intense heat and pressure that it contains are all part of the history of crystals. This intensity creates a form that is regular, vibrational, and often very aesthetically pleasing. We are drawn to crystals as humans not just because they look beautiful but because of the power of nature that they represent to us.

Energy or Chi

The most popular theory on why crystals are useful for healing takes its idea from Eastern traditions, and most specifically, the practice of chakra energy healing. The theory behind this is that certain crystals or stones act as a channel or conduit for the flow of energy. The chakras are essentially energy wheels or energy centers of the subtle body. The chakras of the body can accelerate or slow down the flow of positive energy (sometimes also referred to as chi) moving through the body. When these chakras become congested or blocked, the flow of energy slows. The result can be a wide range of symptoms, which may be mental, emotional, or physical. The chakras cannot be seen in medical, scientific imaging procedures. Yet, thousands of years of traditional practice points to positive benefits from treating issues that a person is experiencing based on their chakras and energy flow. 

Crystals are believed to help open up the chakras, cleansing them to remove blockages and allow the positive flow of energy to resume around the body again. Each chakra is traditionally associated with a different color, and certain crystals have been traditionally used to help cleanse and heal each particular chakra.

Measuring the Science of Crystal Healing

The jury on the science of crystal healing is still out! While scientific studies suggest that the power of crystal healing lies in the placebo effect, traditional healers have a wealth of anecdotal evidence that suggests that positive benefits can be taken from the process of crystal healing. However, between the scientific community that label crystal healing as a pseudoscience, and the healers who claim to have harnessed the power of crystals, there is a third set of beliefs that incorporate a little of both theories. Many people believe that the placebo effect – when something that doesnt have any measurable scientific ability to impact the health actually does have an effect simply because the person believes in it – goes a lot further than the simple power of the mind. In fact, studies show that the placebo effect takes place whether the person knows it is false or not. So, even if a person believes that crystal healing doesnt work, they may still benefit from it!

Meditative Focus

One of the most powerful healing aspects of crystals lies in their use as a focus for meditation. Meditation has a proven beneficial effect on many different conditions. While the most obvious application of meditation as a healing therapy is for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and for stress management, there are other physical benefits. Meditation can reduce blood pressure, regulate hormones, and balance brain chemicals. These effects can help with a wide range of symptoms and have a restorative impact on human health. Crystals have been shown to amplify the effect of meditative practice in many people. In the same ways that chanting, sound baths, and other sensory practices such as aromatherapy can focus the mind and help a person to enter into a meditative state more easily, so too can crystals. Different crystals are associated with various benefits. Participants can choose a crystal that they are drawn to or a crystal that has a known association with a particular feeling or symptom.

Whether the science of crystal healing lies in the vibrational power of the crystal, the intense earth forces that were involved in its production, its role as a conduit for positive energy, its use as a focus for meditative practices, or even its placebo power, the fact remains that countless people have benefited from crystal healing. The science of crystal healing is less important than the effect of crystal healing. Crystal healing should never be used as a replacement for medical treatment; however, when crystals are used in combination with other medical treatments rather than instead of them, the outcomes are undoubtedly better.