The Sacral  is the 2nd chakra, and it is found in the lower abdomen. If you place your hand on the lower part of your belly just below your navel or on your lower back in the lumbar spine, this is the area where the sacral chakra resides. It extends into the pelvic region. You may have heard part of the lower back being called the sacrum by medical professionals; this is the sacral area.

The 2nd chakra is associated with water and with the color orange. This helps us to understand the chakra and to visualize it. Water has connotations of flow and change, which helps us know the sacral chakra as it is strongly associated with changing emotions.

What Does the Sacral Chakra Do?

The sacral chakra is important for several reasons, including emotional wellbeing, sense of exploration and discovery, sensual passion, and joy. It is also linked to a range of physical health issues. All these important aspects are interconnected, and people will often find that they exhibit a number of seemingly unrelated conditions for example, specific emotional issues and problems with the gut. Working with the sacral energy is a holistic approach that aims to restore and rebalance to resolve all of the associated issues.

Emotions – The sacral is the seat of the emotions. Being able to experience and understand the emotions without fear is crucial to truly knowing oneself. If we hold back from experiencing emotions or view them in a negative way, we become stuck in a cycle of fear and negativity. Emotions are neither good nor bad; they simply are what they are. We must all experience enjoyable emotions such as happiness, contentment, and joy, just as we must all experience negative emotions such as sadness, fear, and anger. What we do with these emotional states is what is important. Our ability to process and deal with emotions is rooted in the sacral chakra. Without positive energy flow in this area, our emotional lives suffer. Mood swings, anxiety, and feelings of numbness can result, and we can feel trapped in a negative mindset. Remember that the sacral is the center of emotional life, but it is also the part of our subtle selves that is most connected with our joy and passion. In order to experience the joy and passion that make us feel fulfilled, we need to be in touch with our emotions.

Creativity – This chakra represents the explorative aspect of ourselves. It is this part of us that has an innate ability to create, a drive to explore and find new things. For creative people, this is a significant chakra for obvious reasons. For those who dont consider themselves creative, the sacral chakra is still an important one; creativity comes in many forms, and we all need new ideas, problem-solving solutions, and open minded approaches to obstacles that we encounter in life. A closed sacral energy center means a lack of motivation to explore, and often creative blockages that make it difficult to progress. Change is necessary at times; we must move on and be flexible enough to allow ourselves to develop. When this is not possible, and we are resistant to change, working on the sacral chakra can help us to let go and embrace the future.

Passion – Our passionate selves begin in the sacral energy center. It is associated with sensual pleasure and intimacy. When the sacral chakra is in a healthy balanced state, it allows for meaningful emotional relationships that foster intimacy and a positive, healthy exploration of sensuality. The emotions are closely linked with this passionate, sensual side of ourselves, and the sacral center is rooted in emotional and sensual connection. Relationship problems, fear of intimacy, and emotional difficulties that make relationships difficult can all be improved with better healing energy flowing through this incredibly powerful chakra.

Joy – The sacral chakra is the source of our joy it enables us to experience joy and pleasure. Joy is important in the life of every person. And yet, there are times when even the things that usually bring us joy no longer seem to be able to do so. At these times, the sacral energy center is not functioning as it should be. When energy can flow freely through this chakra, we find it easier to experience joy; it can come spontaneously and effortlessly. The people and activities we love will bring us pleasure and laughter; we can live our lives to the fullest.

The Sacral Chakra and the Physical Body

There are many physical health issues that are linked to malfunctioning in the sacral chakra. Most of these problems are located in the area around the sacral point and around the lower abdomen. For women, menstrual problems are common. For both men and women, sexual and urinary problems, including kidney issues, may arise. Problems with the lower digestive system, such as gallbladder, spleen, and gut, can also result from an unbalanced sacral chakra. For many people, non-specific lower back pain can be relieved dramatically by working with the sacral energy and restoring balance.

Working with the Sacral Chakra

When the sacral chakra is functioning and balanced, the flow of energy in the subtle body and the physical body has a dramatic effect. With the energy flow, ideas, and creativity flow. You feel more motivated and more capable of making changes and embracing the ebb and flow of daily life without negativity dragging you down. This enables you to experience joy more easily, to laugh more, to embrace emotions without fear. Sacral energy teaches us that emotions are not to be feared and encourages us to embrace them. The effect this has on relationships, and especially intimate relationships is incredibly powerful. Intimacy and passion return and the excitement and joy inherent in everyday life are revealed once again.