Mars is simply the next continent humans will settle,

Bas Lansdorp

Chief Executive of Mars One

When Humans colonize Mars (and we will!), it would take a long time before we established a commerce system; things to do, services to partake in and products to buy.

Suppose a Martian colonist ordered a nice bottle of shampoo from Earth¦ What would the shipping cost of it be? And how long would it take for them to receive it?

Here are 5 Businesses on Earth that could Potentially Lead in the way of Interplanetary Relations!

1)   Scalar Light

Scalar Light Waves are emitted continuously from the Sun of our Solar System, and all the Stars in the Universe. utilizes this light and can program it for your healing, health and well-being! The company uses the principles of quantum entanglement to be able to administer Scalar Energy to a photograph of a person, animal or plant remotely. This means you can join from anywhere in the world, and soon, outside of this world!

Modern Medicine as known on Earth is not going to be easily adaptable on Mars. This is due to the differing atmospheric conditions between the two planets. Mars has no Magnetosphere, making the atmosphere there 100 times thinner than on Earth! 

We cannot tell what effects this would have on our bodies, so being able to closely monitor what was happening would be very beneficial! And it has already been tested! Galen Hieronymus was able to use photographs and Scalar Energy to track astronauts on the Apollo 8 and Apollo 11 missions and monitor their health!

2)   Amazon

We can all agree that Amazon has taken the world by storm in recent years. Jeff Bezos, Amazons former CEO, build a billion-dollar empire on fast and reliable deliveries that could become one of the biggest interplanetary delivery companies to exist!

Amazon Primes video and music streaming could also be the beginning of Entertainment services on Mars! It takes approximately 246 days (8 Months) to reach Mars. Colonizers, for mental wellbeing, will need to keep occupied for that time, and Amazon’s entertainment system could do just that!

Jeff Bezos is also highly involved with Space Travel and has his plans to head to Mars with his Company Blue Horizon. There is little stopping Bezos from combining these two huge companies and becoming an unstoppable force in the Space Industry.

3)   Google

Lets be honest, what cant Google do? Aside from their world-leading communications and search-engine applications, a lesser-known fact is that Google is highly involved in Quantum Computing! See article: Quantum Supremacy Using a Programmable Superconducting Processor

Quantum Computing is the core technology that scientists believe could lead us to Quantum Teleportation! Quantum Teleportation is a way of transferring Quantum Information from a sender to a receiver that could be miles away!

Teleportation would allow us to develop an almost instantaneous interplanetary trade system!

4)   Crypto-Currency

With modern technology, nobody is going to be traveling to Mars with cash in their pockets! Also, who would get to decide which currency will rule over mars? With over 180 currencies world-wide, this could lead to some huge disagreements.

Crypto-Currency is an extremely useful way for people to access their money at any time, and (currently) anywhere on the surface of our planet! In addition to the accessibility of online banking on, It also allows instant money transfers, making it easy for future Martians to pay for things! 

5)   3D Printing

The 3D printing industry is growing rapidly, and has even recently been put to use on the International Space Station! 

3D designs can be programmed from Earth, and be sent to machines on Mars that would start printing the projects within minutes!

Currently, the ISS uses melted waste plastic to create essential objects over 400km away!

It is not long until we see the first people walking on the surface of the red planet. We are seeing huge developments in the field of Mars exploration with discoveries being made daily! If we are to seriously consider interplanetary communications and business, the organizations above will be the ones to keep an eye on!