Here we will discuss Black Tourmalines healing properties for the Root Chakra. According to Hindu Tantrism, located at the bottom of your spine and holding the title of chief importance is the Root Chakra or Muladhara in Hindu and one of the seven chakras. Also known as the Base Chakra, said to hold the deepest of connections with one’s body, the Root Chakra is associated with the color red, which represents strength, passion, and fire, and plays a massive part in keeping us balanced in several ways. Muladhara is the most innate of all chakras; it’s our motherboard if you like. Your fight or flight response is sparked from this Chakra; this is your primal, animal nature. It connects us not only to our physical bodies but also to the earth. The Root Chakra holds power far beyond what most of us know or understand, being the body’s foundation chakra. Not only is it in charge of the functioning of the bladder, feet, arms, kidneys, and of course, the spine, it plays a vital role in the wellbeing of our mental state. This being key as to why healing is so important. It connects us with spiritual energies that would have belonged to our ancestors, their challenges, and their triumphs. Since the root chakra carries our ancestral memories, it means any war, crime, or stress they had dealt with themselves, can be felt in our roots. It is passed down from generation to generation creating patterns that can be unsettling.

Black Tourmaline Healing Power

Each Chakra’s position is connected to glands that release hormones in our bodies, which keeps them in control of major nerve functions. These glands are known as the Endocrine System; they are also known as the Thyroid Gland and Adrenal Glands. It keeps us nourished and healthy. Feeling overwhelmed with negative energy could mean your Root Chakra is blocked, and this will require healing. Some gemstones may seem to be obvious choices for healing the Root Chakra because of their color; these would be rubies, garnets, and red jasper. However, the Black Tourmaline crystal, also known as Schorl, can be used as an everyday soul cleanser and is perfect for restoring that lost balance, tranquility, and peace. With this Chakra back into balance and serenity, you will notice a gain in confidence and enthusiasm. You are no longer exhausted or overly cautious, clumsy, or agitated.

Release Negative Energy

Black Tourmaline is a key component in everyday cleansing rituals because of its powerful ability to purify one’s body and release all negative energy. Some people would even recommend creating a negativity purifier by adding Black Tourmaline to sea salt in a tub or jar. Black tourmaline is the most powerful of protectors against bad energy, and if you can get your hands on some, get plenty! Stick a crystal in every room, if possible. All four corners of the room are also said to build a grid of protection. Or wherever you feel needs it most to bring that peace to your life and create a barrier that keeps negativity away!

Although cleansing the house and adding a crystal to every room sounds terrific, you might be someone that just needs your body purified and not your belongings. Carrying Black Tourmaline in a pocket or even on a chain around your neck can release any bad energy you carry yourself. It can also help ground you and make you feel more secure. It is also useful for keeping other people’s toxicity away from you, creating boundaries that stop you from picking up other people’s energy. Using Black Tourmalines’ healing properties for the Root Chakra helps remove the heaviness, which has been passed down through generations. Simple everyday rituals such as holding the crystal and taking deep breaths can be extremely beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. Inhaling confidence and positivity, and exhaling everything that makes you feel heavy and down. Some people choose affirmations, repeating to yourself that you deserve to be here, you are right and connected, and you will be ok while carrying the crystal even if it’s just a small piece in your purse. The earth can often leave us feeling chaotic and out of touch with oneself, so many bad vibes, nasty people, and unfortunate events. But one great thing about the earth is the crystals it creates for us. With natural healing such an important part of life, you really can’t go wrong investing in some. It can’t hurt to try. If you’re on a healthy diet, turning your wrongs into rights, and yet you still feel despair, you might just need your chakras worked on a bit.

Keep on Top of Maintenance

Thankfully crystals are not hard to get and often are relatively cheap. If you are feeling down and find yourself struggling with anything listed above, it’s time to do some spiritual shopping! It is worth remembering that the root chakra being unbalanced is what could be causing your discomfort. With the Root chakra being so vital to us, it is essential to keep on top of its maintenance, to save your sanity and purify those impurities. With black tourmaline being the powerful everyday cleanser that it is, it makes sense to look into getting yourself some. And if you find you need help cleansing, or something isn’t working, Reiki with the crystals is also recommended but always start with the Root.