How much of what we believe and intend translate into actions?  Some would argue that intent and the belief behind intent are far more important when assessing actions, than even the action, itself.  After all, what we intend to create by an action reveals our motivation and mitigates the construction of the action itself, right? 

Is bending reality with the power of intention, actually possible?  We know that what we believe, whether passively or deeply, comprises a huge portion of whom we are, as people.  Beliefs transcend individuality and become the primary motivations of humans whether we act on our beliefs alone, or with each other.  But how much of what we see around us every day is created by our own beliefs?  Do we really construct what we call reality simply by believing that what we see around us is the norm? 

How much would change if we simply began to believe in another reality, instead of the one we see operating and existing around us, every day?  Likewise, how much of whom we are as individuals is created simply by our beliefs about whom we are as a person? 

Does one love the colour blue because they believe they like the colour, or is it something deeper and more aesthetic?  If we say that we are made up almost entirely of what we believe, and that what we believe defines us, then new doors open.  If we realize that bending reality with the power of intention is actually performed every day, then this concept is taken out of the realm of the ethereal, and gives every person a new world of possibilities.  More importantly, it gives each of us a new sense of responsibility.  When we realize that bending reality with the power of intention is how things come to be, then we begin to understand that everything around us that we affect is mitigated and shaped by our intentions and beliefs.

This article aims to briefly examine the notion of bending reality with the power of intention.  A more familiar concept, perhaps, is The Law of Attraction.  We will examine this law in order to clarify what it means and thereby, shed light on how we bend reality with our own intentions and views.  It may seem rather scary at first, when we realize the awesome responsibility this puts in our hands.  Indeed, the notion that we create the reality we believe in carries a lot of weight.  However, the other side of this coin tells us that an exciting new world of possibilities opens to us, when we take steps to realize the amazing potential that harnessing the power of intention gives.  Not only are we creating reality every day, but we have the power, through intention, to change our realities, creating a more meaningful and balanced life for ourselves, and others around us.

Changing Reality with the Power of Intention

The primary force behind the power of intent tells us that what we believe — whether it concerns whom we are, what we like, what we dont like, or whether it involves what we expect to see in the world around us — shapes and forms the reality of the world and what goes on within it.  This concept goes far deeper than simply saying we intend for something specific to take place when we perform an action, it speaks to the truth that we actually create our own realities not only by actions, but most importantly, by what we believe will happen when performing those actions.  In other words, what you believe, tends to materialize around you every day, on large and small scales.  We attract what we put out, so to speak.  Henry Ford held a lot of beliefs about human beings that we would find repugnant, but he was correct in saying,

whether you think you can, or think you cant — youre right.

Bending Our Personal Reality with the Power of Intention, and Changing the World

In exploring this truth of reality formed by intention, one might ask as to how we use this power to reshape the world into a better place.  Well, as most wise people have noted, we begin with ourselves.  When the world is filled with people who feel a sense of responsibility with regard to their own lives, and when it is shaped by people who realize that what they believe is manifested every day in the world around them, then we see that by changing ourselves, we change the world into a better place. 

Along with this truth of bending reality with the power of intention, comes the realization of responsibility.  We see that all actions begin with a plan, and that plans start with intention.  When we perform an action, the energy of that action goes out into the world, and affects those around us. When others feel the energy of our actions that are framed by our intent, they become a part of the subsequent reality that is created by adding their own power of intention.  So, this tells us that what we do has consequences.  Whether those consequences are positive or negative, creative or destructive, is up to us.  However, when our beliefs and subsequent actions affect others, and a belief and action is held by a group rather than just one individual, it becomes much more powerful.  If our intent is balanced and positive, not based on selfishness or wishful thinking, if we are not trying to make others do negative things, then reality is bent toward the positive, and the free will others exercise in adopting our beliefs and actions flourishes, creating wonderful results.  However, if we give in to selfish desires and simply wish to serve our own purposes, then the realities created may seem potent at first, but they eventually fall apart and draw negativity back to us that is greater than the negativity sent out at first, because others have joined our actions.  When people realize that ones motivations and beliefs were selfish or negative, then their own negative reactions to this realization are centered back onto the source, the person who originally formed the reality with their own selfish intentions.  As science tells us, every action has opposite reactions.  So, herein we begin to see how we draw what we put out.  And the responsibility of making sure we give off positive and balanced energies in forming reality, makes us more mindful of our intentions and the power they hold.

In other words, it is important and crucial that we constantly examine ourselves inwardly and outwardly.  We must use our thoughts, which are powerful, to mitigate our beliefs that manifest in the power of intention.  Then, the work must be done.  We must strive and endeavor every day to reach our goals and work through barriers.  We must examine the paths we must take to bend reality with the power of intention.  It isnt about waving a magic wand and instantly seeing what we wish.  If you work on your beliefs, making sure that they are positive and balanced, if you work on yourself and remove fallacies of belief that once engendered negative realities, you begin to work toward your goal.  When this work is underscored by the power of intention, and beliefs that are grounded in balance and positivity, the possibilities are literally endless, and that is how we change ourselves and in doing so, change the world.

The concept of bending reality with the power of intention is a simple, yet complex truth.  We see that we are responsible for so much of what goes on around us, both as individuals and as cultures, even as human beings. 

Each of us must use the power of our intentions to make our own lives better and to make the world a better place. And we must find ways of passing on this understanding to [others]. It is one thing to dream the impossible dream, but it is quite another thing to make it happen.

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