The Nature of Light has been a well researched and debated topic for centuries! In 1803, a physicist named Thomas Young famously proposed an experiment that changed the way we thought about waves and particles alike to this day!

Youngs Double Slit Experiment demonstrates that light shows characteristics of both Wave and Particle nature! In Quantum Physics this inseparable relationship is referred to as Wave-Particle Duality.

Below is a typical experimental set up of Youngs Double Slit Experiment:

A key factor in making this experiment work is having a coherent light source, meaning that the light passing through the two slits needs be of the same wavelength. This was difficult during Youngs time, and although today this experiment can be easily demonstrated now using a modern laser, he had to come up with an out-of the box way of doing this!

Young theorised that by initially shining light through a single slit, he would gain enough polarity in the Light waves to be successful when used against the Double Slit, and he succeeded!

The Scientific World Changed Forever

He observed, on a plain screen, a series of bright and dark bands, referred to as Young’s Fringes, as seen on the diagram above. These fringes demonstrate where the diffracted light waves from the Double Slits overlap, and produce an interference pattern on the wall! The fringes are seen to be parallel to the distance between the Double Slits.

Young’s experiment was the groundwork for most recent developments in the quantum field!

In 1923, French physician Louis de Broglie proposed a bold theory: Particles of matter also had wavelengths and could behave as waves, just as photons did! He really believed that matter can also exhibit wavelike properties!

In addition, Matter Waves are the key to understanding the world through Quantum Mechanics! This discovery allowed us to think of Energy as both waves and particles!

Could we Relate this Research to Healing?

If we can believe that energy can be portrayed as both waves and particles, then the number of possibilities to utilise this information is unlimited!

Healing is defined as:

A treatment that involves the transfer of energy through the healer to the recipient

NFSH Healing Trust

If we use the energy stored in light, which can be found in both particle and wave form, could we potentially code that light to contain healing properties? Healing properties that could enter the human body in a wave-particle format and potentially do some good?

At Scalar Light, this is what our research focuses on, using science to better peoples lives!