Talking about spiritual awakening in a time as hard as the one we are living in may seem unreal; however, this awakening is still given in people. Many others resist because they feel excluded or they feel they do not fit in. Experiencing a spiritual awakening does not change what you are, but it makes you wiser and special. We now live in an age of constant change, and now more than ever, people have become aware of the problems that exist and know that there must be change; many more people have a spiritual awakening, and the desire to change is intense.

Ways in Which a Spiritual Awakening Occurs

The best way to experience awakening is to be guided by your heart. Maybe you find yourself in a situation where your heart asks you for a change, to renew yourself, and leave the old. Resisting only generates discomfort, fear, and anguish and manifests itself through physical diseases. Another way in which this change can be presented is by an event in your life, something shocking that tells you that it is time to get rid of what no longer serves, telling us to go on a better path, and remove the things that prevent us from moving forward in our lives. It may be that it is difficult at the beginning because detachment requires a considerable effort, but remember that resisting is worse, and what you must do is let yourself be carried away by that tide of your desire. You cannot have a spiritual awakening if there are roots, emotions from the past, resentment, ego, among other negative things. To wake up, we must be aware that we need to change and desire that change.

The Beginning

You have to know how to identify when the heart is speaking when you begin asking questions about yourself, your life, your attitude towards certain things, your feelings, and especially your willingness to surrender to change. Once you realize that you are in a moment of spiritual awakening, you have to decide to achieve that change, you must want it and desire it. You must begin to analyze yourself, see yourself inside and know yourself better to become aware of who you are and what you represent to yourself. You must remain receptive to be able to identify and act correctly; this will bring you peace of mind, and thus you can flow better in the face of any situation. You must know that you must be free of prejudices, dogmas, old customs, and all kinds of closed thoughts that do not allow you to analyze who you are in your life for a good awakening.

Signs You Are Awakening Spiritually

To better identify the moment of change, we must know when a signal is present. When suddenly in your life, you begin to feel relieved when you have fewer things that serve you little and only what is essential, and if you feel identified with an awakening, you do not have to be afraid. Everything is for personal spiritual cultivation and to improve in life as sentient beings.

  1. You seek to expand your mind: The things you do for entertainment interest you less over time. Instead, you dedicate yourself to looking for activities that cultivate your mind and give you the wisdom to make a better version of yourself.
  2. You become aware of the lack of meaning: Somehow, you understand that living a life imposed by a system or a dogma has no meaning and is devoid of purpose; that is why you look for a path that helps you find yourself, and you forge it under your rules.
  3. You get rid of the masks: You become transparent about your deepest thoughts and feelings without feeling shame or guilt, and you remove the imposed mask of being someone for society.
  4. Silence begins to attract you: You begin to enjoy the silence and walks by yourself in nature. You reconnect with yourself, and your reflections make you pass yourself. Your thoughts no longer overwhelm you, and you begin to appreciate and enjoy the silence and feel comfortable with it.
  5. Generate importance to nature and living beings: You have feelings of empathy for beings of other species, and you become aware of the interdependence of all beings. You develop more empathetic feelings and generate consciousness of unity with everything that exists.
  6. You cultivate your body and your conscience: The concern for what you eat and your body begins to increase. You also begin to worry about things such as the place of origin of the food you eat, its manufacture, its ingredients, among other things. You also acquire healthier habits for your body for a spiritual and not an aesthetic issue. Now you protect your body more, and the love for you is greater than before.
  7. You take responsibility for your destiny and your decisions: The victim mentality seems absurd to you, and you become aware that attitudes such as blaming others for your life are a lie. This makes you act consciously now regarding your destiny and your decisions. The actions you take in all situations are now more meaningful to you, and you seek not to affect anyone or have negativity with the way you carry things in your life.
  8. You don’t care about time anymore: The fear that invaded you for the future and the past’s negative feelings are gone. You understand that the present is the most important moment and that what you should take advantage of is what you do in the present, building a real future.
  9. You are no longer interested in competing: The competition that society has imposed on you seems conflictive and absurd because it generates suffering, and you seek to live in harmony with others, having an attitude of love, compassion, and union.

You value your life more and try to improve your experience in the world: Having light and peace of mind generates more satisfaction than being recognized by others; therefore, you stop trying to impress others. You try to be wiser, and you also worry about helping others in their existence.